Bits and Bytes: Mark Schoening

Aug 23rd 2014 to Sep 27th 2014

Mark Schoening Solo Exhibition
"Bits & Bytes" Opening at Mirus Gallery
540 Howard St. San Francisco, CA
Saturday, August 23rd, 2014 from 6-10 pm
(Artist in Attendance)

Mark Schoening was born in 1980 in Minneapolis, MN. He focuses mainly on the practice of painting with slight diversions into the creation of three-dimensional objects. Mark’s work has been included in exhibitions in Boston, New York, Los Angeles, San Francisco, Seattle, Dallas and Copenhagen, including the Decordova Museum’s 2008 Annual. His work has been featured in numerous art fairs, including Pulse NY, Pulse Miami, Berlin Liste, Art Copenhagen, and the Dallas Art Fair. He has been a featured artist in New American Paintings; and his work has appeared in Beautiful Decay, Flaunt Magazine, and the Huffington Post. Schoening’s work is in the collections of the Decordova Museum and Third Point Management among others. Mark received his BFA in painting from Massachusetts College of Art in 2006.

Bits & Bytes
Through the process of breaking down the fragmented elements of my previous work into two distinct, yet commonly recognizable visual languages, Bits & Bytes is a complex attempt to move past my previous reliance on the formal elements required in composing a traditional landscape painting. My continued interest in endless fields of information created the ideal backdrop for this visual experimentation. The exhibition is created by presenting a timeline of the creative process. Ideas and paintings are generated and executed, they are then repeated, doubled, and at best used to inspire further sets of works. In fact the starting point for many of the early works can be reduced to the concept of transition and edge. The completion of each work determined a starting point for the next piece and the possibility to endlessly riff on the set of rules that had been determined. I have decided to include works that mark significant departure points in the process. Throughout the process, ideas fail, and are trumped by others, but that does not mean they cease to exist. In fact, arrival to that conclusion through a slow examination is quite interesting. The exhibition presents strategies in understanding a world that is in constant flux and where possibilities seem endless.
- Mark Schoening