Spring 2023

16 x 16

Group Show
Opening December 16, 2022

Opening Reception : December 16, 6-10pm

On View by appointment only : please contact to schedule a time

About the Exhibition: 

16 x 16 is a group show featuring artworks all sized 16 x 16 in!  This diverse group of artists was given complete artistic freedom with the only constraints as the size of the artwork.

Featured Artists: Andrew McRae, Abel Manalo, Adam Caldwell, Ajin No, Alex Achaval, Alice Koswara, Amandalynn, Amber Allen, Andrzej Michael Karwacki, Ben Collison, Brandon Hurley,Brian Barneclo, Calvin Lai, Carrie Ann, Cat Sommer, Chelsea “Robot”, Chonto, Chris Granillo, Chris Leib, Cleng Sumagaysay, Daryll Peirce, David Choong Lee, David Young V, Debra Dee, Debra Shapiro, Dianne Hoffman, Doug Rhodes, Dylan Mertz, Eddie Colla, Eddie O. Rodriguez, Eric Broers (HiERICBRO),  Eric Joyner, Fabez, Felicia Ann, Felicia Gabaldon, Heather Robinson, J.L. King, Jeffrey Nemenzo, Jeremy Novy, Jessica Caputo, Jessica Petrie, John Osgood, Jose Di Gregorio, Josh Thurman, Joshua Nissen King, Julia Pope, Julie Engelmann, Kelly Nicolaisen, Kirstine Reiner Hansen, Lacey Bryant, Lady Henze, Lana Kohn, Laura Gonzalez, Leon Loucheur, Linda Larson, Luciano Roque, Luis Tinoco, Maria Carmela Cucueco, Mario Navasero,  Mark Campbell,  Marko Krash,  Mars Sandoval,  Max Ehrman (Eon75),  Melanie Getman,  Micah LeBRUN, Michael Walsh,  Natalia Lvova, Natalie Gabriel, Nathan Geare, Nicole Hayden, Nome Edonna, Nora Bruhn, Norm Quiros, Olympia Altimir Galvez, Ozi Magana, Patrick Hofmeister,  Phillip Hua, Pixel Stud, Raul D’Mauries, Ricky Watts, Rob “Pengoo” Casanovas, Romanowski, Russell Ryan, Ryan Stubbs, Safi Kolozsvari Regalado, Sandra Yagi, Sean O’Donnell, Shane Izykowski, Sofia Venegas, Steve Javiel, Tanya Herrera, Tati Holt, The Tracy Piper, Txutxo Perez, Ursula Xanthe Young, Youbeen Kim + more


Opening June 9th, 2023

Mirus Gallery presents "GLITSHN AROUND" a solo exhibition by the Gera1.

Opening reception: Friday, June 9th, 2023

Mirus Gallery is pleased to present "GLITSHN AROUND" a solo exhibition by Gera1.  Emerging street artist hailing from Athens, Greece, this is Gera1's first solo exhibition in the United States.  For this exhibit, Gera1 has created ‘glitch’ paintings on cut aluminum with colorful overlays expressing multiple actions within each piece.  Opening Friday, June 9th  from 7-10pm. 

About the Artist: Gera is a Visual Artist who lives and works in Athens, Greece. He started as a graffiti writer and he has also graduated from the School of Fine Arts. His practice focuses on reinterpreting reality through the visualization of recurring color contrasts.

Getting his influence from the glitch art aesthetic, he attempts to intercommunicate parallel stories narrated through multiple layers of movement, form, and texture. His figurative expression becomes part of an abstract language where malfunction, error, and deformation coexist in an environment of harmonic deconstruction.

As a graffiti artist, he aims to work on different surfaces using spray paint as his primary material. Through distortion and visual glitches, he creates fragmented structures that redefine the limits of the real and the illusion of perfection. In his latest work, big-scale compositions are conveyed into abstract-shaped canvases, optimizing the application of antithetic materials.

Fernando Chamarelli: Interconnection

Opening May 19th

Mirus Gallery is pleased to bring INTERCONNECTION, a solo exhibition by Brazilian artist Fernando Chamerelli to our Denver location. INTERCONNECTION is an invitation to realize that we are connected to a network that goes beyond what we can see. For this, Fernando Chamerelli creates illustrative paintings focusing on themes of multiple universes, internal worlds, and the play between light and dark matter. The opening reception of INTERCONNECTION will be May 19th 7-10 pm.

About the Exhibition:

Somehow there is more mass in the universe than physicists predicted. When explaining about the unseen mass found, physicists now say that the universe is made up of only 5% atomic matter, which we consider normal matter. Everything else is dark matter and dark energy. What we believe to be empty is like an invisible nervous system that runs through the entire universe. This is the main theme of the paintings that are part of the INTERCONNECTION exhibition. In his artwork Chamarelli always mixed elements from different cultures, but in his later works these mixtures became connections between different universes; connections between internal and external worlds and connections between beings of different dimensions. This exhibition is an invitation to realize that we are connected to a network that goes beyond what we can see.

About the Artist:

Fernando Chamarelli is a visual artist and illustrator, with a degree in graphic design. After experimenting with several techniques, and trying different types of art, he developed his own colorful and geometric style. An original artform that has been exhibited in different parts of the globe.
His style unites time where elements from different cultures mix and past, present and future merge.

His style also unites space and in each piece the interactions between the microcosm and the macrocosm can be seen.

This led the artist to take a great interest in the theories of quantum physics. All this creative access to other times, universes and realities is through non-ordinary states of consciousness and therefore Chamarelli can be considered a visionary artist. With his art, he seeks reflections through the futuristic concepts of Solarpunk; transmitting the main message that everything is connected, and that for us to evolve we must realize our connection with other human beings, animals, nature and the cosmos.