Mirus Gallery Los Angeles presents ENCORE three concurrent exhibitions featuring Bond Truluv, Fernando Chamerelli, and RETRANSMISSION

August 13-31, 2022

About the Exhibits:

Bond Truluv: Access Granted

Berlin based Bond Truluv is an artist at the forefront of combining Augmented Reality with analog artworks. Whether he is inventing a new instrument for a spray can or hiding NFCs in his artworks, Bond Truluv is constantly incorporating new technologies to his repertoire. This exhibition features a variety of multi-media artworks composed of architecture, symbols of technology, and graffiti animated by augmented reality.

“The current aesthetic of my work plays with classical as well as digital motifs alike, aiming to build free chains of associations without becoming too concrete. Resembling the transience of a dream, I try to invite the viewers to embark on an abstract journey through their own subconsciousness, blurring the boundaries between reality and fiction, the analog and the digital world.” – Bond Truluv

Fernando Chamerelli: Interconnection

Fernando Chamarelli is a visual artist from Brazil whose bright colorful style unties time where elements from different cultures mix, past, present and future merge. INTERCONNECTION is an invitation to realize that we are connected to a network that goes beyond what we can see. For this, Fernando Chamerelli creates illustrative paintings focusing on themes of multiple universes, internal worlds, and the play between light and dark matter.

Retransmission: A Survey of Polish Artists

RETRANSMISSION__ is currently one of the largest and most interesting presentations of Polish non-figurative painting outside of the country (Poland). What draws particular attention is the wide spectrum of artists invited to the exhibition, who in no way constitute a hermetic circle focused on the phenomenon of urban art or post-graffiti. This group consists of painters, sketchers, muralists, graphic designers, sculptors and typographers. Thanks to this, RETRANSMISSION__ is not a simple show or an exhibition reduced to a presentation of works of art whose common denominator tends to be the street. It is an exhibition which constitutes a story about individual styles, the processes of their formation and sometimes even of reducing complex, strongly contextualised forms to geometrical, typographical or compositional figures.

The exhibition as a whole, can also be seen as a sui generis generational manifesto of artists born in the 1980s; artists brought up in a country already free from socialism, shaped by the same cultural codes that were successfully exploited in the United States or Western Europe. Therefore, what may be even more interesting to the viewer is perceiving RETRANSMISSION__ as a reinterpretation of the world common to all of us, but presented from the distant perspective of Poland . – Cezary Hunkiewicz, Brain Damage Gallery, Poland

Featuring: Bartłomiej Chwilczyński, Bartosz Janczak, Chazme, Lukasz Berger (Cekas), Lukasz Habiera (Nawer), Oskar Podolski (Oesu 1), Pawel Ryzko, Bartek Świątecki (Pener), Robert Proch, Seikon

Also on display, artwork from the Sense 4.0 Art Fair