Group Exhibition
August 27 - October 1

Mirus Gallery brings their acclaimed Psychonauts exhibition to San Francisco, a city historically at the core of the psychedelic movement. This group exhibition features new artworks that spatially depict psychedelic experiences. Art that often even transcends even the definition of psychedelic.  The exhibition opens August 27, 2021 with a VIP reception 6-7pm and general public 7-10pm.  It is on display through October 1st and is free and open to the public daily.

Featured artists:Android Jones, Axiom, Ben Ridgeway, Chamerelli, Damon Soule, David Choong Lee, Gabriel Welch, Gleo, Jake Amason, Jonathan Solter, Juan Manuel Sanabria, Lauren Nova, Nychos, Lauren YS, Luke Brown, Mear One, Nome Edonna, Ronald Fengali, Samuel Gomez, Stephen Ferris, Stephen Kruse, and Travis Gillan

About the Exhibition:

A Psychonaut is defined as a person who spends time exploring the universe right inside their own mind. A Psychonaut is on a quest to self discovery, embarking on inner voyages whether through the aid of entheogenic substances, meditation, sensory deprivation, or binaural beats. For thousands of years, shamans and tribes have used altered states of mind for spiritual purposes. Some believe that the use of entheogenic substances can “Unlock hidden worlds, secrets of the universe, or even prophecy of the future.”

Many of the artists in this exhibition come back from their psychedelic experiences with pictorial currency in which they use as a tool in their artistic practice to propel us, as the viewer, into this other metaphysical reality. These works are complex, visionary, and multi-dimensional. They can often induce the viewer to a memory of their own experiences with psychedelics. 

As the trends of psychedelics have changed over time, we are currently entering into a phase of acceptance and medical discovery of the healing properties entheogenic substances can have. It is being proven by these medical studies at major institutions that they have the potential to alleviate existential angst, depression and addiction as well as create a life changing spiritual experience that provides greater meaning in ones lives. By the artists using these kinds of experiences as intellectual conception, one can only imagine that these creations can evoke these beneficial properties to the viewer as well. 

Sickboy: Dreamworlds (POV)

Solo Exhibition
October 8 - November 12, 2021

Mirus Gallery San Francisco is excited for the return of Sickboy with his latest Solo Exhibition Dreamworlds POV.  This will be his second Solo Exhibition with Mirus Gallery.  Stay tuned for more information!

Opening Reception: Friday, October 8, 7-10pm

On Display through: November 12, 2021

About the artist: 

Sickboy is one of the leading artists to emerge from Bristol's infamous graffiti scene to worldwide recognition. Exploring form, shape and colour collide, humorous character based interventions create abstract and absurd realities in various media. In recent years, his work has migrated to digital space, challenging the bounds of our comprehension as concepts transition through physical space, medium and time.

With a legacy that reaches back to 1995, Sickboy was first recognised for his symbology and text based work on the streets of Bristol. The iconic red and yellow street logo 'The Temple’ as well as his ‘Save the Youth’ slogan have featured on walls and wheelie bins across the world. From these crude canvases, Sickboy has developed a fine studio practice exploring paint on canvas, sculpture and layered digital labyrinths. His groundbreaking London solo exhibition in 2008 was followed by an appearance in the Oscar nominated ‘Exit Through the Gift Shop’, with audacious stunts - including the caged heart installation dropped outside the Tate Modern - keeping him at the centre of discussion. In 2015, Sickboy established Fluorescent Smogg, a fine art production house realising groundbreaking immersive exhibitions and editions with their team of master craftsmen, technicians and designers.

  • 540 Howard St 3rd fl, San Francisco, CA 94105, United States

  • +1.415.948.3330

Encore: Chazme, Seleka Muñoz, Yoh Nagao

3 Concurrent Solo Exhibitions
August 20 - September 18

About the Exhibition:

Mirus Gallery Denver is excited to announce Encore, three simultaneous solo shows by three international artists with unique talents: Chazme, Seleka and Yoh Nagao. Opening reception is August 20th with a VIP reception 6-7pm and general public 7-10pm. It is on display through September 18, 2021 and is free and open to the public.

Chazme : One Day in Funkypolis

Daniel Kalenski, aka Chazme, is a Swiss artist and architect whose paintings are rooted in brutalist architecture, drawing inspiration from the likes of Maurtis Cornelis Escher and Giorgio De Chirico. Coming out of the European graffiti scene, Chazme’s artwork evolved to formal geometric abstraction. His innovative juxtapositions of formal and urban styles are celebrated in galleries and large scale murals throughout Europe and the United States. One Day in Funkypolis is a body of work “animating the otherwise austere architecture. Through geometric forms, shadow, and light, Kalinski provides a pathway for the passerby to enter into their environment. The relief and rediscovery this realizes in the viewer accents the urgent need to reevaluate our connection to the very place we call home. Kalinski’s paintings are rooted in brutalist architecture yet synchronize the exterior city with the true flurry of life that happens just beyond the surface.” (Maia Jackson).

Seleka Muñoz: Fruta Del Tiempo

Seleka is a Spanish artist, cultural agitator and gallery owner. His mixed media paintings are abstract and bright as “a seasonal fruit whose color you can practically taste. Fruta Del Tiempo aims to invoke these same visceral, synthetic responses. A series first initiated in Mexico, a site much like the artist’s birthplace and home Andalucía, in which the landscape, the gastronomy, the produce, the people, all resonate with this natural vivacity. The title itself appeals directly toward the physical sensations that these natural delicacies can bring, the intense sweetness that both powers up your endorphins and cuts you like a knife. Working on a full exhibition series of works for the first time however (he previously having had the graffiti artist’s urgency toward the constantly new), here Muñoz thus delivers a group of abstract works that recreate the tangible experience of freshness, the immediacy, the balance of the finest fruta del tiempo, within their very material, visual form.” (Raphael Schacter)

Yoh Nagao: Genealogy

Yoh Nagao is a Japanese mixed media collage artist whose artworks are influenced by postmodern pop and commercial consumerism. Genealogy is a body of work that uses collage from contemporary media to ponder the idea of our society becoming indigenous ancestors to future descendant generations. In a world full of increasing resource exploitation and environmental destruction, it bears the question as to what type of world we will leave for our descendents. Just like the DNA passed onto us by ancestors, their folkloric decoration, color and pattern usage are still found to influence our modern culture. Yoh Nagao pulls this influence to create works to inspire instinctive virtue and enrichment to more people for a brighter future.

Anamorphic Portraiture

September 24 - October 29, 2021

Mirus Gallery brings the acclaimed Anamorphic Portraiture exhibition to Denver opening September 24, 7-10pm.

About the Exhibition:

Anamorphic Portraiture is a dynamic exhibition featuring acclaimed international and regional contemporary artists working within the realm of disrupted portraiture. We currently live in a world wrought with overstimulation, rapid consumption, and mental illness that often causes one to question what defines an individual’s sense of identity. Science has shown that identity is largely tied to perceptual and neurological representation of facial features. This exhibition brings into question what part of identity is brought to surface or manipulated when the facial features of a figure are morphed, de/re-constructed, or masked.  The artists exhibiting in this group consistently use methods of abstraction to create portraits representing facial tensions of inner conflict, emotional confusion, mental anguish, existential dread or even psychosis.

Featured Artists:

Alexis Matta, Ali Asir, Cristian Blanxer, David Crunelle, Dourone, Einar Ōlafsson, Eva Rdamonti, Fintan Switzer, Gera1, Li Hill, Michalis Goumas, Pablo Merchante, Riso Chan, Shintaro Kago

Opening Reception: Friday September 24, 7-10pm

On View Through:  October 29, 2021

  • 1144 Broadway, Denver, CO 80203, United States

  • +1.303.910.4005

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