David Choong Lee

Solo Exhibition
November 19 - December 10, 2021

Mirus Gallery San Francisco debuts David Choong Lee new solo exhibition, “Chakras,” a large collection of contemporary abstract paintings that dive into the subconscious energies, natural order, futuristic landscapes and the unknown.  Join us for the opening reception Friday November 19, 7-10pm.  Free to the public.

Opening Reception: Friday, November 19, 7-10pm

On Display through: January 7, 2022

About the artistDavid Choong Lee is a contemporary abstract artist born and raised in Seoul Korea, based in the San Francisco Bay Area since 1993.  As a traditionally taught painter in classical realism, David’s style has evolved over many years of extensive exploration.  His works are now influenced by natural order, elements of physics and mechanics.  San Francisco and the artists of the area, David claims to be his greatest inspiration.  His work is driven by collaborating with other artists, especially within The Furtherrr Collective, a team of artist friends he’s been working with since the early 2000s.  

About the Exhibition:   Behind the concept of Chakras exists the theory of a cosmos or a universe existing inside one's own body.  Similarly, each painting is known to hold its own ‘aura’ or unique special time and place in space.  For over five years , David Choong Lee has been in his studio working and reworking his abstract paintings, looking into each one of them for a special energy.  This dedication has evolved into an extensive new body of work.  Always working on artworks simultaneously, David unveils more than 25 paintings that he feels hold the right energy at the right moment.  


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January 14 - March 6, 2022

Mirus Gallery San Francisco proudly presents SKATE.

A dynamic group show featuring original artworks from over 100 artists on skate decks. Curated by Wonderland SF.

Join us for the opening reception on January 14th 7-10pm! More details TBA

Opening Reception: Friday January 14, 7-10pm

On display through: March 4, 2022

Featured artists: Abel Manolo, Adam Caldwell, Alberto Ybarra, Alec Huxley, Alex Achaval, Alice, Koswara, Amanda Lynn, Amber Allen, Amelie Cirfontaine, Amos Goldbaum, Amy Ahlstrom, Andreina Davila, Andrew Macrae, Antonio Pelayo, Ben Ah, Ben Collison, Blane Asrat, Brandon Hurley, Brent McHue, Brian J Hoffman, Carlos Limon, Carrington Arredondo, Cat Sommer, Chris Dyer, Chris Stokes, Cleng Sumagaysay, Coahtemoch, Daryll Peirce, David Young, Deborah Cook Shapiro, Derek Lynch, Dom Fontana, Doug Rhodes, Eddie Rodriguez, Eddie Cola, Eric Broers, Erin Zhao, Espana, Felicia, Felipe Soltero, Fellicia Gabaldon, Fleur, Hall, Isak Pelayo, Jeffrey Nemenzo, Jerremy Novu, Jessica Petrie, Jesus, Joel Millikan, Joel Tesh, John Osgood, Johnny Dismal, Jon Ching, Josh Thurman, Joshua Coffey, Joshua Nissen, Joshua Lawyer, Jung Yang, Justyna Kisielewics, Karla Korazon, Kenny, Kristi Holohan, Lacey Bryant, Lana Kohn, Laura Gonzalez, Lee, Leon, Lina Larson, Lindsey Millikan, Lucas Bonnoni, Luciano Roque, Luis Tinoco, Marea Urbo, Maria Carmela, Marina Berlin, Mario, Mark Campbell, Mark Harris, Mark Wagenseil, Maureen Schields, Max, Melanie Alves, Melanie Getman, Michael Cran, Michael Murphy, Minda, Mjlindo, Natalie Gabriel, Nate1, Nate Geares, Natty Paints, Nick Flatt, Nicole Hayden, Nome, Nora, Norm Quiros, Olena, Olympia Altmir, Ozi, Pablito Some, Patrick Hofmeister, Pixelstud, Rafael Tapia, Ransom and Mitchell, Raul, Ricky Watts, Robert Bowen, Robert Casanovas, Robert Garcia, Robert Harris, Roger, Roman, Ron Robles, Russell Ryan, Ryan Stubbs, Safi, Sam Flores, Sean O’Donell, Sergio Navarro Duran, Shane Izykowski, Sherri Thai, Sita Rupe, Skye Becker-Yamakawa, Sofia Vengas, Stephanie Steiner, Steve Javiel, Tanya Herrerea, Tati Holt, Telopa, Tomo77, Txutxo Perez, Ursula Young, Youbeen, Yta

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November 5 - December 31, 2021

Mirus Gallery presents ImageText a survey of artworks based on letterforms.

About the Exhibition:

Writing, in its physical, graphic form, is an inseparable suturing of the visual and the verbal, the "imagetext" incarnate." - W.J.T. Mitchell

Stay tuned for more information

Featured Artists:

Bisco Smith, Buffed Paintings, Carlos Mare, Chaz Bojorquez, Cryptik, Curve, EGS, Gary, Greg Lamarche, Jurne, Layer Cake / Patrick Hartl & Christian Hundertmark, Mosa, Moses & Taps, Mr. Paradox, Peter Paid, Soemone, Trav, Usugrow, Zepha Abadie Hafez and more TBA

Opening Reception: Friday November 5, 7-10pm

On View Through:  December 31, 2021

Locals Only Group Exhibition

January 7 - February 4, 2022

Locals Only Group Exhibition Returns!  This exhibition features a survey of local Denver-based artists and a mini - solo feature of the Apex Collective.

Open Call - Deadline November 15th

Every year, Mirus Gallery invites Denver based artists to apply for the open submission to be featured in the Locals Only exhibition.  Follow this link to submit!   Deadline to submit is 11:59 pm on November 15, 2021.  If you have any questions about the submission process please reach out to

About the Exhibition:

To start off the new year, Mirus Gallery features a group of established and emerging local artists from the greater Denver area.  This year the exhibition will also incorporate a mini-solo feature of the Apex Collective within the Locals Only exhibition.  Stay Tuned for more details!

Opening Reception: Friday January 7, 7-10pm

On display through: February 4, 2022

Featured artists:  Apex Collective and more to be announced!

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