Michael Walsh

June 7th – September 4

 Mirus Gallery SF invites you to the opening of local artist Michael Walsh’s solo exhibition Evolution on Friday June 7th 7-10pm.  Inspired by the rich culture of graffiti and industrial craftsmanship, Michael Walsh’s work is a testament to diligence and expertise honed through extensive practice.  This exhibition focuses on Walsh’s artist exploration, landing at his latest body of work that uses innovative technologies such as VR modeling, CAD, machine learning and 3D printing.  

Opening reception: Friday, June 7th, 7pm

About the Exhibition:  

Currently based in the San Francisco Bay,  Michael Walsh is a versatile artist with a strong foundation in sculpture and industrial design. His art career is marked by his pioneering use of cutting-edge digital technologies and seamlessly integrating these digital manufacturing methods into his practice.

Drawing inspiration from the rich tradition of industrial craftsmanship, Michael Walsh’s artistic journey began with graffiti-style writing on the East Coast in the pre-millennium era. He attributes the industrial landscape and painting in old steel mills and factories in Pennsylvania as the foundation for his evolution into fabricating heavy metal sculptural works and foundry. Walsh’s sculpting is often fueled by dynamic rhythms and melody in music, transforming the fluidity and energy of sound into physical forms that embody movement and waveforms.

Over the years, Michael Walsh has surpassed conventional sculptural practices by embracing modern digital tools of modeling in virtual reality, CAD and 3D printing.  This innovative approach allows him to push the boundaries of his creative expression, merging traditional techniques with contemporary digital advancements.

In his new solo exhibition, “Exploration”, Michael Walsh showcases his latest body of work featuring vibrant, 3-D printed wall hangings and sculptures designed with VR and CAD modeling software.  This collection highlights the fruits of his artistic exploration, reflecting his ability to blend these technologies seamlessly into his creative practice.  The new pieces showcased, predominantly created in the past year, reflect the evolution of Walsh’s practice, advancements in digital tools, his innovative spirit and dedication to pushing the limits of artistic expression.