Alexandra Levasseur

Alexandra Levasseur was born in Shawinigan, Canada, in 1982. After spending ten years in Costa Rica and Spain where she studied art, she now lives and works in Montreal.

Influenced by mythological stylization as well as the dreamlike territory of Symbolism, Levasseur’s work includes paintings, ceramic sculptures and animated films.

In addition, the marriage of fired clay to other painting materials helps further explore feelings of freedom and abandonment.

In today’s era, defined by an overwhelming chaos and anxiety caused by the rapid changes in society and climate, Levasseur imagines peaceful and timeless places where human beings and nature elements are on the same hierarchical level. She deeply believes in biophilic behaviors as a way to achieve psychological well-being. Thus, in this exhibition entitled Embedded Optimism, her mixed media paintings feature subjects embedded into their environment, emotionally connected to the landscape.