Bond Truluv

Originally born and raised in Germany in 1981 Bond Truluv became involved with graffiti-writing at the beginning of this millennium. Since then he has eagerly committed himself to examining new ways of composing letters and calligraphic ways of expression, as well as modes of fine arts and graphic design. His permanent longing for transformation and variation in terms of material and style is cultivated through extensive travelling.

Being a true multimedia artist he is constantly experimenting with different materials such as canvas, installations, video mapping and long exposure photography. Lately he focused on new technologies and was the first Graffiti artist to embed augmented reality (AR) animations into his pieces, pushing the boundaries of urban contemporary art further ahead and creating spectacularily vivid images, morphing reality and dimensions within the pieces and the locations they are applied in. After receiving his MA in Anthropology in 2010 and participating in the “Darmasiswa” scholarship at the University of Arts (ISI) in Yogjakarta, Indonesia he works as an independent artist, travelling all over the world from wall to wall

Compiling this new body of work started as a journey aiming on the arrangement of fragmented lettering alongside objects that would create a maximum of depth in dimension, leading on towards a certain display of the dichotomy of the digital age and its analog counterpoints. Architectural elements are found alongside anamorphic illusions, meeting elements from trompe l´oeil as well as graphically fragmented letters and typography, rooting to the strong Graffiti background of the artist. Reflective materials play a vital role in the surreal arrangements, where physics often seem to be disabled by default. The architectural illusion of depth is underlined by the additional Augmented Reality (AR) layer of each piece that the viewers can experience through a customized app on their smartphones. This interactive element adds a special dimension to the shown work, revealing hidden layers of animations, sounds and movement that invite the viewer to actively engage with the piece in order to discover its true ghost in the shell.