Fernando Chamarelli

Fernando Chamarelli is a visual artist and illustrator, with a degree in graphic design. After experimenting with several techniques, and trying different types of art, he developed his own colorful and geometric style. An original artform that has been exhibited in different parts of the globe.
His style unites time where elements from different cultures mix and past, present and future merge.

His style also unites space and in each piece the interactions between the microcosm and the macrocosm can be seen.

This led the artist to take a great interest in the theories of quantum physics. All this creative access to other times, universes and realities is through non-ordinary states of consciousness and therefore Chamarelli can be considered a visionary artist. With his art, he seeks reflections through the futuristic concepts of Solarpunk; transmitting the main message that everything is connected, and that for us to evolve we must realize our connection with other human beings, animals, nature and the cosmos.