Wearable: Art

April 15 – May 13, 2022

Mirus Gallery San Francisco presents Wearable:Art, a group exhibition curated by Poesia that features clothing as the medium of unique works of art, on cloth, denim, and even shoes.  This is not a fashion show, rather an art exhibit meant to capture the cultural imprint and constant impact on fashion.  The curatorial selection encompasses a wide range of styles, bridging graffiti with emerging fashion. The exhibit opens Friday April 15 with the opening reception 7-10pm.  The event is free and open to the public of all ages.  Wearable:Art will remain on display through May 13th open daily to the public Monday – Friday 12-6pm. 

Featured Artists:

0.Two, 11Wrk, Alex Bargas, Amend, Amine Rastgar, Apexer, Backs, Brandon Hurley, Brian Sumner, Brisk, Clowns, Colin Taniguchi, Curve, Cycle, Diet, Driftin, D Young V, Dj Agana, Dubai, Eddie Colla, Edmond Looi, Eliza Gonsaleves, Eski, Esteme, Evan ESK Wilson, Felisha Gabaldon, Francisco Franco, Friederike Hentschel, Harv, Hueman, Jenks, J. Rodriguez, JOOGS, Julian Prince Dash, Krash, Matthew Zaremba, Mesngr, Mitsu Okubu, Nick Zaremba, No//Otra, Optimist Williams, Poem2, Rachel Riot, Remio, Renos, Said Dokins, Sen2, SHEONE, Sickboy, Spie, Twigs, Woes, Yarrow Slaps, Zen

Opening Reception: Friday April 15, 7-10pm

On View Through: May 13, 2022

About the Exhibition: 

Wearable:Art is a group exhibition focused on the unique relationship between art and clothing. Most people would use the term fashion, but I feel there is a DIY movement in the arts where artists create unique pieces that they wear personally or for peers. Contrast this versus a mass produced piece of clothing; these pieces influence culture and fashion. Art is used to express their identity directly onto their clothing. I wanted to curate a selection of work that encompasses a wide range of styles, bridging traditional graffiti with more emerging DIY fashion. I wanted to capture the culture’s imprint and constant impact on society’s look and feel. Let’s celebrate the handmade, incorporating the 1/1 nature of art. This is not a fashion show, it’s an art exhibition where the medium is clothing and each piece will be exhibited as a unique work of art. – Poesia