Group Exhibition
August 27 – October 1

Mirus Gallery brings their acclaimed Psychonauts exhibition to San Francisco, a city historically at the core of the psychedelic movement. This group exhibition features new artworks that spatially depict psychedelic experiences. Art that often even transcends even the definition of psychedelic.  The exhibition opens August 27, 2021 with a VIP reception 6-7pm and general public 7-10pm.  It is on display through October 1st and is free and open to the public daily.

Featured artists:Android Jones, Axiom, Ben Ridgeway, Chamerelli, Damon Soule, David Choong Lee, Gabriel Welch, Gleo, Jake Amason, Jonathan Solter, Juan Manuel Sanabria, Lauren Nova, Nychos, Lauren YS, Luke Brown, Mear One, Nome Edonna, Ronald Fengali, Samuel Gomez, Stephen Ferris, Stephen Kruse, and Travis Gillan

About the Exhibition:

A Psychonaut is defined as a person who spends time exploring the universe right inside their own mind. A Psychonaut is on a quest to self discovery, embarking on inner voyages whether through the aid of entheogenic substances, meditation, sensory deprivation, or binaural beats. For thousands of years, shamans and tribes have used altered states of mind for spiritual purposes. Some believe that the use of entheogenic substances can “Unlock hidden worlds, secrets of the universe, or even prophecy of the future.”

Many of the artists in this exhibition come back from their psychedelic experiences with pictorial currency in which they use as a tool in their artistic practice to propel us, as the viewer, into this other metaphysical reality. These works are complex, visionary, and multi-dimensional. They can often induce the viewer to a memory of their own experiences with psychedelics. 

As the trends of psychedelics have changed over time, we are currently entering into a phase of acceptance and medical discovery of the healing properties entheogenic substances can have. It is being proven by these medical studies at major institutions that they have the potential to alleviate existential angst, depression and addiction as well as create a life changing spiritual experience that provides greater meaning in ones lives. By the artists using these kinds of experiences as intellectual conception, one can only imagine that these creations can evoke these beneficial properties to the viewer as well.