NU GEOMETRY – A Group Exhibition

October 17 – November 15, 2020

Mirus Gallery Denver presents Nu Geometry, a group exhibition of local contemporary artists who use geometric abstraction to mirror the complexities of the visual landscapes of contemporary society. As our capabilities of technology grows, so do our understanding of emergent, complex systems. The artists in Nu Geometry create works that explore representations of post-eculidean geometry and a metaphysical deconstruction of the 3rd dimension. These featured artists fuse artistic styles of geometric abstraction, op art, and neo-futurism, with street art and design. Thus illuminating a new, futuristic construction of contemporary geometric abstraction.

Featured Artists:
Jake Amason, Chris Bohlin, Anna Charney, Kyle Dineen, Molly Gardner, A.L. Grime, Brian Scott Hampton, Zach Jackson, Fabian Jimenez, Stephen Kruse, Seth McMahon, Neekovee, Rez, Sel_One, Nick Scotella, and Peter Westermann