Encore: Chazme, Seleka Muñoz, Yoh Nagao

3 Concurrent Solo Exhibitions
August 20 – September 18

About the Exhibition:

Mirus Gallery Denver is excited to announce Encore, three simultaneous solo shows by three international artists with unique talents: Chazme, Seleka and Yoh Nagao. Opening reception is August 20th with a VIP reception 6-7pm and general public 7-10pm. It is on display through September 18, 2021 and is free and open to the public.

Chazme : One Day in Funkypolis

Daniel Kalenski, aka Chazme, is a Swiss artist and architect whose paintings are rooted in brutalist architecture, drawing inspiration from the likes of Maurtis Cornelis Escher and Giorgio De Chirico. Coming out of the European graffiti scene, Chazme’s artwork evolved to formal geometric abstraction. His innovative juxtapositions of formal and urban styles are celebrated in galleries and large scale murals throughout Europe and the United States. One Day in Funkypolis is a body of work “animating the otherwise austere architecture. Through geometric forms, shadow, and light, Kalinski provides a pathway for the passerby to enter into their environment. The relief and rediscovery this realizes in the viewer accents the urgent need to reevaluate our connection to the very place we call home. Kalinski’s paintings are rooted in brutalist architecture yet synchronize the exterior city with the true flurry of life that happens just beyond the surface.” (Maia Jackson).

Seleka Muñoz: Fruta Del Tiempo

Seleka is a Spanish artist, cultural agitator and gallery owner. His mixed media paintings are abstract and bright as “a seasonal fruit whose color you can practically taste. Fruta Del Tiempo aims to invoke these same visceral, synthetic responses. A series first initiated in Mexico, a site much like the artist’s birthplace and home Andalucía, in which the landscape, the gastronomy, the produce, the people, all resonate with this natural vivacity. The title itself appeals directly toward the physical sensations that these natural delicacies can bring, the intense sweetness that both powers up your endorphins and cuts you like a knife. Working on a full exhibition series of works for the first time however (he previously having had the graffiti artist’s urgency toward the constantly new), here Muñoz thus delivers a group of abstract works that recreate the tangible experience of freshness, the immediacy, the balance of the finest fruta del tiempo, within their very material, visual form.” (Raphael Schacter)

Yoh Nagao: Genealogy

Yoh Nagao is a Japanese mixed media collage artist whose artworks are influenced by postmodern pop and commercial consumerism. Genealogy is a body of work that uses collage from contemporary media to ponder the idea of our society becoming indigenous ancestors to future descendant generations. In a world full of increasing resource exploitation and environmental destruction, it bears the question as to what type of world we will leave for our descendents. Just like the DNA passed onto us by ancestors, their folkloric decoration, color and pattern usage are still found to influence our modern culture. Yoh Nagao pulls this influence to create works to inspire instinctive virtue and enrichment to more people for a brighter future.