Seleka Muñoz

Artist, Cultural agitator, curator and gallery owner. Seleka is one of the pioneers of graffiti in Andalusia. Seleka Muñoz began painting on the street in 1993 in Seville, Spain, when he was 10 years old.

Seleka belongs to this generation of committed, active, innovative and relevant graffiti artists. Inheritor of New York graffiti, the European graffiti scene brought a new breath from the early 1980s, deepening historical codes and innovating to overwrite the history of this movement. Seleka Muñoz will be one of the main figures in the shadows, one of the key figures on the scene of the late 90s, early 2000s.

Seleka works only with noble supports and materials: oil, canvas, and academic knowledge acquired in self-education. He consciously and voluntarily moves away, in the studio, from the codes of the graffiti movement (spray, marker, wall, ephemeral nature), exploiting with talent the forces that he cannot (and does not want to) deny: the gesture of light, writing with style, the indelible imprint of hard-won freedom and a permanent offering to the public. Then he consciously fits into contemporary art. Its abstraction becomes timeless.

Seleka Muñoz’s work has two clearly differentiated lines, one is his studio work where he creates abstract contemporary works made with traditional painting techniques.
His other line of research takes place in the street in an allegory and illegal way outside the establishment, thus positioning himself as an outsider and developing unique projects and investigating without limitations.

His ephemeral paintings have been seen throughout Spain, and some cities in France, England, Portugal, Italy, United States, Mexico, Morocco