Jose Luis Ceña

Jose Luis Ceña​ studied fine arts, engraving and graphic design in Madrid, which has allowed him to develop a universe of art that stands at the crossroads of various genres. His work, which varies between abstract and figurative art, can best be described as “abstract realism”. The two fundamental components of his work are colour and form, which he treats dynamically. The Spanish artist works constantly under the interaction of these two components and his creations vary between painting and photography.

He seizes a moment, captures a fragment of a view, like a photographer, which then he retransmits with a paintbrush. His touch is dynamic, the colours create lively contrasts, reinforcing his mastery of the composition, the centre of which is always a human figure. This particular focus on the human figure, however, is quite unique because we never encounter any gaze, as though Jose Luis Ceña is seeking to portray the anonymity of emotion and the fleetingness of time ; he suspends a moment of time and then recreates it for us in a symphony of colours and forms.