Anthony Lister

With literally hundreds of successful exhibitions to date, Anthony Lister is a serious and professional artist. His work focuses on social issues like: freedom, morality and power in a rich and unique tapestry of ambiguity. His exhibitions have been presented in Museums such as; The Nation Gallery of Australia, Institute of Modern Art, Berlin’s ​ Urban Nation Museum and a number of Academic Institutions worldwide. His artworks have been featured and seen in several Hollywood films. He himself was the subject of a feature length film on his life directed by acclaimed documentarian Eddie Martin titled: ‘Have You Seen The Listers?’ which is seen Internationally on Netflix. Lister has also collaborated with many painters, writers, poets and musicians including Singer Song​writer Nick Cave.

Anthony Lister is a graduate of the Queensland College of Art and student of New Zealand born, New York based painter Max Gimblett. He pioneered the Street Art movement in Australia before moving to New York early in his career. Whilst participating in the ‘Spring Street Exhibition’ the Wooster Street Collective curators Marc and Sara Schiller which saw his work published on the cover of the New York Times Art section. Not long after, Lister began to work with several businesses and magazines which elevated his profile as a painter to watch.

Anthony Lister has given numerous talks at Universities and seminars, speaking on the fundamentals regarding social concerns and the theoretical definitions behind his ‘Contemporary Mythology’ artworks. His ongoing relationship with curator Roger Gastman, who is highly regarded within contemporary Art, whom recently curated: ‘Beyond The Streets’, and co-​curated: ‘Art in the Streets’(LACMA) with Jeffrey Deitch and Aaron Rose. In collaboration Roger and Anthony have held several successful exhibitions as well as created the 356 page Ginko Press publication ; LISTER ​ Adventure painter. Anthony continues to keep busy, painting in his studios around the world and is currently working towards his sixth major survey publication about his work.