Group Exhibition

March 22 - April 20, 2019

Mirus Gallery Denver is pleased to present “ALETHEIA”. Opening reception will be Friday, March 22nd, VIP/Press Opening 6-7 PM then general admission from 7-10 pm, and the exhibition is free and open to the public for viewing through April 20th, 2019.

I asked of everything / if it had / something more, / something more than shape and form, / and I learned that way that nothing is empty -- / everything is a box, a train, a boat / loaded with implications, / every foot that walked along a path / left a telegram written in the stone, / and clothes in the washing water / dripped out their whole existence. (Pablo Neruda)

About the Exhibition:

Mirus Gallery has invited several artists to participate in “Aletheia” a group exhibition titled after “a Greek word variously translated as "unclosedness", "unconcealedness", "disclosure" or "truth". The literal meaning of the word "Aletheia" is "the state of not being hidden; the state of being evident." It also means factuality or reality." When confronted with the roster of exhibiting artists you can relate the level of realism in each of their work. Yet you will have to dig deeper when viewing and establish an understanding of this new unconcealedness. 

"Aletheia" opens the conversation about truth through the idea of representation and realism. In our new age of abstract and postmodern conceptualism artists that work with realist work has taken a backseat to these emerging art forms. With this exhibition we take a deeper look into emerging realist painters in a postmodern landscape of theory and critical discussion. We challenge you to take a depper look into these realist painters, look for a deeper truth or "Aletheia" in each artists work. 

Participating Artists: Cristian Blanxer (Spain), Daniel Munoz (Spain), Drew Merritt (USA), Drew Young (Canada), Helen Bur (United Kingdom), Jose Luis Cena Ruiz (Spain), Norberto Gonzalez (Spain), Paulo Sierra (Peru), and Thomas Cian (Italy).