Damon Soule

20 Year Retrospective

October 6 - November 10, 2018

Mirus Gallery Denver presents a 20 year retrospective of the works of California based artist Damon Soule.  The exhibition opens Saturday October 6, 2018.  VIP Reception from 6-7pm, general admission 7-10pm

Interviewed by Nick Petch:

Damon Soule lives for experimenting and evolving as an artist and he rests on the foundation to never stop learning or changing.

Over the 20 years of ‘Forging visual worlds’, his work has been put into several boxes of art genre, spanning visionary to surrealist/ism and other more abstract styles; however it appeals to Damon’s sense of humor, that his work has always managed to slip through the cracks of these preformed ideas and concepts.

Damon thrives on injecting as much creativity into his surroundings, because he sees life as the biggest art project of all.

For Damon, the creative process of creating art is a transcendental symbiosis beyond space and time, a process which reaches far beyond any emotive motivation, “But on occasions where I become conscious of what’s happening, I feel mostly joy.”

Inspirations that feed Damon’s work have been drawn from a rich array of ideas both near and far, but fundamentally, it was comic books and sci-fi based arts that planted the seed. Growing up, his father’s passion for painting backed by his epic art book collection made home an awe-inspiring place. In the later years, Damon’s progressive interest in underground comics of the ‘60’s and ’70’s along with the inspirationally dominant effect of music, has now taken full circle and can have as much impact on how he makes his marks as anything else. 

He finds the earth and all of its processes endlessly fascinating. His intuition alone suggests that the Gaia theory is very much alive and well. 

“Loving nature and our ability to observe it on different scale, I imagine the Earth as a conscious being, one order of magnitude larger than ourselves. Zooming into the tiny creatures around our feet and then clowly zooming out to the immediate environment, the horizon and out into space where our imaginations takes over, I try to employ those impressions in my work, where the micro and the macro become indistinguishable”.

When I asked Damon what revolving ‘Earth themes’ were resplendent throughout his work, Damon says, “In a very literal sense, my canvas is made of carbon fibers assembled by plants and nearly all paint pigments are made of powdered rocks. Reducing the act of painting to basically smearing earth onto a surface. For me, it’s ultimately about the process, in life and my work”.

Damon vibrates a frequency of primary importance for earth. He states, “without it we don’t exist–in this form at least. The current direction of Earth’s transition is heartbreaking.

It’s sad to see the mind-bending variation of life on this planet being reduced to a handful of homogenous patches.” Damon envisions that collectively we can all make enough positive changes to circumvent an upcoming catastrophe. “But if that doesn’t happen, we can always take solace in the bigger picture, that in time the Earth will continue to do her dance creating novel beings that are equally as beautiful.”