Solo Exhibition at Scope Miami Art Fair

December 5- 10, 2017

Where Okuda San Miguel appears, a portal to different world opens. His psychedelic colors, skulls, geometric patterns, they produce mental stimulation and visually pleasing content. His vibrant jungle of colors found its place on walls, paintings, photographs. Okuda’s signature style are colors, the brighter the better. With the help of online donations and Red Bull, he painted the inside walls of a 100-year old church Santa Barbara in Llanera, Asturias. It’s called Kaos Temple and it is a true sanctuary. As a skate part it gathers skaters, athletes, and adrenaline lovers, but for the art community, Okuda’s murals in the church are a real out-of-this-world spectacles. Brilliant colors and precise shapes, being done by a steady hand, this work of art is one of the most magnificent sites in the area. Works and illustrations of the artist have been exhibited in posters and art installations sponsored by worldwide known brands such as Puma, Adidas, Kia Motors, POLO by Ralph Lauren and many others.

Event Information
Solo Exhibition
Opening Reception – December 5th
, On View Through December 10, 2017