VR + Art

June 3, 2017
7 - 11pm 


An immersive Digital Arts Exhibition

June 3, 2017

Mirus Gallery is proud to present it's first digital art exhibition featuring a collection of projection mapped environments, VR wolds, 3D printed pieces, and a series of curated still artwork brought to you by a world class trio:  Can Buyukberber, Ecco Screen and Marpi. 

For this first digital showing at Mirus Gallery, you will truly see what the future of art holds.  From the moment you step off the elevator, your eyes will be tracking pixels from (13) 4K projectors across the room as they attempt to distinguish the connections between the real world you left at the door and the one created for you by world class artists. 

Move: Interact with installments via motion enabled Kinetic sensors by Microsoft.

Dream: Strap on a VR headset by Oculus or HTC Live

Feel: Take control with a set of position aware controllers

Your Artistic Guides for the night: 

Can Buyukberber

A visual artist working on immersive audiovisual experiences that embodied both in physical and digital spaces.  His practice consists of experiments with different mediums and display technologies, such as projection mapping, virtual reality, geodesic domes and digital fabrication methods.  Driven by an interdisciplinary thinking which extends to art, design and science, Buyukberber's work often focuses on human perception, exploring new ways of non-linear narratives, geometrical order, synergetics and emergent forms.  He has exhibited in international media arts festivals, conferences, and galleries in Europe, Canada and United States, including collaborations with Grammy-Award winning rock band Tool and Czech Philharmonic Orchestra.  He is currently studying at San Francisco Art Institute's Art and Technology MFA program as a Fulbright Grantee and is a resident artist at Autodesk's Pier 9 AiR Program


A Polish born San Francisco based Digital Artist.  His mission is to build tools that let people be creative by enabling them to create digital art that they can claim as their own.  His art is interactive, scalable, and multi-platform.  By creating windows into the same universe, Marpi provides and empty canvas where the art does not exist until the people interact.  Marpi's career started in the commercial world for clients including Google, Microsoft, and Adobe.  He is currently working with Obscura.  The skills gathered from his industry experience transfer to his personal practice.  HIs work has exhibited internationally including ArtFutura Roma, Resonate, and TedX.  His work has been publicly and professionally recognized, receiving nominations and winning several awards, including Gold Lions, SXSW Interactive and .Net Magazine site of the year. 

Ecco Screen

Is an artist and experimental new media art project exploring human emotion, interaction, and introspection through use of light, sound and technology.  The creations range from interactive installations, immersive experiences, and audiovisual performances designed to trigger an emotional response and invoke a crowd.  Resulting in a marriage between art, design, and interpersonal connection.  Since the inception of ecco screen in late 2015, his work has quickly been recognized through numerous outlets including The Creator's Project, and Prosthetic Knowledge.  With works exhibited at galleries and festivals across the US, Canada, and Europe including Igloofest, Sundance Film Festival, Codame Art + Tech Festival, Grey Area Theater, Stanford University, and more.  As well as collaborations with Acura, Google, Instagram, A-Trak, GMUNK, Brodinski, Ryan Hemsworth and various others. 

We are excited to show you this one of a kind experience. VR + Art.