feb 27th 2016 to mar 18th 2016
opening reception:
saturday, february 27 | 7-10p


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san francisco - mirus gallery is pleased to present radiant orb by painter kate shaw. the exhibit opens with a reception on saturday, february 27 from 7p to 10p, is free and open to the public, and will be on view through march 18, 2016.

kate shaw is a melbourne-based artist who creates landscapes that are simultaneously sublime and toxic. formed out of ‘paint pours’ and collage techniques, her landscapes capture the transcendent beauty of nature; the swirls of acrylic paint, ink, glitters and powders mimic the flow of natural processes. but underlying these psychedelic scenes are hints of pollution and artificiality, inducing anything from wonder to discomfort. this intersection of creation and corruption in shaw’s alchemical creations teases out our conflicted relationship with nature – a relationship fraught with awe and fear, closeness and distance.

from the artist:

"my practice re-interprets notions of what constitutes landscape painting, both within an art historical context and a contemporary social context. the paintings deal with the tensions and dichotomies in both the depiction of the natural world and our relationship to it. i am concurrently exploring the sublime in nature whilst imbuing a sense of toxicity and artificiality in this depiction. the intention is to reflect upon the contradiction between our inherent connection to the natural world and continual distancing from it. my paintings aim to convey ideas of nature, alchemy and creation by operating on one level as a landscape another as abstraction."