Sparkles Positron + Damon Soule

Meet Me At The Dogstar

July 23 - September 3, 2016

San Francisco – Mirus Gallery is set to feature its newest show Meet Me At The Dogstar by Bay Area artists Sparkles Positron and Damon Soule. The gallery’s opening reception will take place from 7 to 10 p.m. on Saturday, July 23 and the show will be on view through Saturday, August 20, 2016.

From the Artists:

“In Meet Me At The Dogstar Damon Soule and Sparkles Positron (Julianne Yates) third collaborative show the couple attempt to literally leap light years away. Their previous two shows End Of This World Tour in 2012 and Tag It And Bag It in 2013, were centered around road trips and their opportunity for exploration, inspiration, and existential action. This time around the two conduct a metaphysical experiment in interstellar travel, soul contracts, and ripples through time using infinity as the medium.

Why the dogstar? Why not?

The two will present a body of work consisting of several collaborative, and solo works as well as an interactive installation. Sparkles’ work, with its emphasis on texture, bright colors, and natural materials which she harvests and processes herself, perfectly contrasts Soule’s maximalist, undulating, optical eye fry, and light controlled crystal synthesizers. Together they weave a magical space which immerses the viewer in the artists sensory spaceship.
Meet Me At The Dogstar is an art show about gratitude, levity, and most importantly love."

About the Artists:

Sparkles Positron harnesses the influence of the natural world around us and its ever woven web by honoring the creative force through her meditative work. The juxtaposition of textures, colors, weavings and fibers, against the bones and hides she harvests from nature brings to life the explosive energy of her Disco-Primitive style; a celebration of humor, gratitude and the interconnected complexity of life and its impermanence. Each piece creating yet another star in her lives constellation.

Born in Atlanta and currently residing in Grass Valley, Calif., Damon Soule’s art style consists of abstract canvases often inspired by chemistry and music. that make the artist’s pieces unique. Soule's work is highly complex and imaginative in both practice and concept, integrating bold uses of saturation and composition.